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Motion Graphics Are Almost A Part Of YouTube’s DNA

Click any YouTube video…

You’ll see a snazzy intro, captivating transitions, and tempting end cards that entice you to watch their next videos and eventually subscribe…

But what if you come across the same graphics in almost every channel?

What if their graphics don’t match the channel’s brand personality?

It creates a disconnect and makes the viewer lose interest and extinguishes their excitement.

Motion Graphics Tailored To Your Brand

Fort Atelier has been helping YouTube creators like you get a unique brand identity with specialized branding.

We transform your branding with professional motion graphics tailored specifically for you.

Motion graphics that are not just aligned with your brand personality but also help you stand out.

Your Brand Is One Of A Kind, So Why Shouldn’t Your Motion Graphics Be?

It’s time for you to stop forcing your brand into mainstream templates that are used by thousands of others.

Level up your channel with graphics that are unique and consistent with your brand identity, and are targeted at your audience’s preferences and interests with a refined appearance.

Unleash Your Channel’s Potential By Making It More Brand Oriented

In a world of limited attention spans, professional motion branding attracts the audience and engages them emotionally and mentally with your brand message.

Higher engagement is guaranteed when your visual identity is aligned with your brand persona by using appealing visual and audio content that is cohesive with your brand tone.


Stand Out From Average Creators by Building a Professional Authority

You’ve come too far to settle for the generic.

Professional motion branding has the power of making the ‘look and feel’ of your channel more personalized.

Spice up your videos with tailored motion graphics that make you stand out from the rest! Make your visual and audio content 100% custom-made to have the confidence and authority in your niche.

Motion Branding Packages

The Ultimate Solution To Resonate With Your Audience

Think about puzzles: how each piece fits perfectly with one another to create a beautiful picture seamlessly…

Think about the handful of spices you put together to make the best dish that sticks with you…

Not only because of how it tastes but because of the experience you had with it…

As a youtube creator, your goal is to engage the audience and make them stay longer, leading them to hit that subscribe button…

Professional motion branding delivers the same experience which leads to maximum engagement.

Our motion assets inherit the same styling and tone viewers associate with your brand to create a connected and cohesive look and feel to your channel.

Our Brand Motion Pack Includes:


1 eye-catching Intro Video/Logo Sting

We understand that the first few seconds will make or break the video.
Captivate your audience by hooking their interest with the unique identity of your brand.


1 captivating Lower Thirds

A dynamic, compelling, and attention-grabbing lower third that is styled to match your brand and makes the viewer take action when needed.


5 Smooth Transitions

Stop those harsh jumps and disconnects in your videos. Bring depth to your videos with seamless transitions that keep your audience engaged.


2 Looping Backgrounds

Make your videos more engaging by not letting your audience distract from your message or your brand with an effective looping background.


2 Persuasive End Cards

Make your viewers engage a little more with you by watching more relevant content at the end of each video. Encourage them to subscribe or direct them to a specific call to action.


BONUS: Custom Music and Sound Effects

Strategically tailored sound effects and music help to engage your audience, add a level of professionalism and make your channel stand out.

Push The Boundaries Of Your Visual Branding With Us

Our 3 phase process will transform your videos and build the robust brand that you have always wanted


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