Have you been wondering how all of the “cool” Youtubers have that animated “Subscribe” button pop up in their videos? Those are YouTube Subscribe Animation Overlays. Don’t waste your time trying to figure out how to create them. We have them for you… for free!

How to Grab Your Free YouTube Subscribe Animation Overlays

If you’re interested in grabbing our 3 pack of free overlays, here’s how you can get them!

  1. Click here to download the pack
  2. Click “I want this!”
  3. Download instructions will be sent to your email address

How to Add an Animated Overlay to Your YouTube Video

Once you have your own overlays downloaded and saved, here’s how you can add them to your YouTube video. Start by opening your video editing software and importing the animated overlays into the application. Here’s how you can use the different types:

Using Transparent Animated Overlays

To begin, start with the .mov files as they include a transparent background that won’t need to be removed. If you’re using applications like Adobe Premiere or After Effects, the overlays should simply work by placing the .mov assets above the edited timeline footage.

The next step is to scale and position the animated overlay to your liking. Once this is accomplished, you’re ready to render your video.

Using Green Screen Animated Overlays

In the event that your video editing application does not accept transparent .mov files, we have included .mp4 files with a green screen background.

To remove the green background, you will need to follow your video editing software’s instructions for removing a green screen or chroma key background.

Once the green screen background is removed, adjust the size, and position of the animation to your desired aesthetic. When you’re happy with how the animation is positioned and scaled, you’re ready to render your video.

Three Animated Styles Included

Here are three different styles that are included in the YouTube Subscribe pack. There are a few different calls to action based on what you need!

  1. Subscribe + Notification Bell
  2. Subscribe + Like + Notification Bell
  3. Subscribe + Like + Notification Bell

YouTube Subscribe Animation Overlays Specs

  • 30 fps
  • .MOV File (Transparent)
  • .MP4 File (Green Screen)
  • Works with most video editing software

Did we help you save time and get a few more subscribers? If you like this pack, be sure to share it with a friend who is on YouTube!

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