Welcome to the Fort Atelier About Us page

Our Mission

Fort Atelier is a Wyoming based animation studio that believes when animation is designed right, it has the power to engage the hearts and minds of your audience.

We partner with brands looking to achieve goals, enhance their creative, and create a remarkable brand experience.

Fort Atelier is your creative fortress for utilizing the magic of animation to educate, entertain, and inspire your audience.

We accomplish these goals by combining our specialization in animation and motion design, with our experience in digital marketing, education, and entertainment.

Fort Atelier is a unique animation studio that understands and creates animated content for the entire brand experience and customer journey.

This means that your brand can utilize animation throughout the many stages of your business like advertising, marketing, sales, onboarding, fulfillment, training, and other internal processes.

Whether you need one piece of animated content, or a fully animated brand experience, we’re here to help.

Our Name

Fort Atelier (pronounced At-lee-yay) is a fortress for creativity.

To us, the word “FORT” is a symbol of strength, the Wild West, and the pursuit of the American dream.

The word “ATELIER” is french for an artist’s studio. Atelier to us is a symbol for art, design, and a home for creativity.

Together, Fort Atelier is a fortress of creativity!

Tony Elmore

Tony Elmore

Co-Founder | Creative Director

Tony Elmore is a co-founder, and the Creative Director of Fort Atelier. Tony has years of professional experience in entrepreneurship, animation, digital marketing, website design, and public education. When not working at Fort Atelier, Tony enjoys spending time outdoors with his daughter and wife Amy, painting large scale murals, and relaxing with his family.

Amy Elmore

Amy Elmore

Co-Founder | Administrator

Amy Elmore is co-founder and the Administrator at Fort Atelier. Amy is a professional artist who has BFA in Sculpture with an attention to detail, organization, and quality craftsmanship. When Amy is not keeping things organized, you can find her creating beautiful glowing porcelain artwork, and volunteering at the local Artists’ Guild.