Start on the right Foundation

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Start on the right Foundation

Why you need The Basecamp

Be careful of getting locked into easy website solutions that lack professional strategy and can’t grow with you. Get setup with the right foundational website that can evolve with your growth!

The Basecamp is for businesses and professionals ready to start building a presence online. For some professionals The Basecamp will be all they need, for others it will allow for efficient structured growth when the time is right.

Begin your website on a foundation that can accomodate your growth and budget. Start with The Basecamp while you continue working towards The Fortress! Fort Atelier is stationed online as your partner for navigating the Digital Frontier.

• Domain and Hosting Setup Included

• Start with a professional website

• Mobile Responsive

• Growing your business online

• Collecting analytics and insights

• Content Management System (CMS)

• Easily add and remove your images and texts

Our Process

Our Fortified Production Processes are structured to produce the best quality results while being extremely efficient with everyones time! You will know what stage your project is at in our production pipeline through our digital approval and feedback notifications.


We will begin with setting milestones, learning our PM tools, client responsibilities, and scheduling days to meet and review your website’s development.


We will need content to populate your website. This content can include written copy, logos, graphics, images, video, forms, documents and more. At an additional cost we have superb content creation services available if needed.


It is at this phase that we begin aesthetically designing your content into visual moodboards. One moodboard will be selected from the presented designs and then built into a live website.


After you have chosen your prefered website design and architecture we will begin building out the remaining website and all of it’s functionality.


Upon your final approval we will begin  to proceed towards the launch date where your site will go live for the world to see!

Post Launch Warranty

All website packages include a 30 day post launch warranty with weekly follow ups and monitoring.

The Basecamp

Start your journey online with The Basecamp. Stake your claim by building a reliable and functional foundation online. The Basecamp includes domain and hosting registration, email accounts, and a mobile friendly responsive design.

The Basecamp includes everything listed and has flexible pricing for additional features and content.

Additional Web Services

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Need more performance from your website?

The Watchtower

Starting at $5,000

Elevate your presence online with The Watchtower. Level up with this website package designed for customer attraction and understanding. Create a professional experience for your brand, and set your products and services apart from the competition.

The Fortress

Starting at $10,000

Accelerate your performance online with The Fortress! Grow with this premier package that includes Fort Atelier’s Fortified Processes, multiple Discovery Sessions, and your very own Digital Strategy Plan. The Fortress is ideal for companies investing heavily in advertising, and marketing to a national and international audience.

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