About Fort Atelier

What is Fort Atelier?

Fort Atelier (pronounced At-lee-yay) was founded in 2013 by Tony and Amy Elmore, as a Digital Agency for serving businesses and entrepreneurs online. Tony and Amy are from the western states of Wyoming and Nebraska, and to them, the word “Fort” is a symbol of strength, toughness, the Wild West, and the pursuit of the American dream. Atelier is french for artist’s studio or workshop, and is a symbol for our passion and foundation in Art and Design. Together, Fort Atelier is a Fortress for Creativity!

Who we serve

The future of business and technology are becoming exponentially unified year after year. It is urgent that new and old businesses embrace these technologies in order to stand out and stay relevant in todays world. If your business is not directly in technology, it can be exhausting to keep up with the latest trends and industry standards. For businesses to cope with the rapid evolution of technology they have the option to learn it on their own, bring someone on internally, or partner with an agency like Fort Atelier. Fort Atelier is constantly creating, testing, perfecting, and educating ourselves on the latest trends, technologies, and industry standards so our customers won’t need to.

Why we do it

Fort Atelier understands how urgent and important it is to have a strong digital presence for businesses, entrepreneurs, and ultimately your customer. We strive to fuse our love for websites, animation, and digital marketing into the ultimate digital experience for our customers. Fort Atelier’s mission is bringing digital experiences to life. 

We use our services and talents for helping entrepreneurs and business grow their ideas, business, and market online. Opportunities on the internet are abundant, and we are here to guide the way. We believe businesses shouldn’t waste their precious time and energy navigating the Digital Frontier alone, rather, they should focus on the business they do best. Elevate your presence online and go further faster with us. You don’t need to go on the journey alone. Fort Atelier is your partner for navigating the Digital Frontier.

Tony Elmore

Tony Elmore

Co-Founder | Chief Strategist | Designer

Tony Elmore is a co-founder, Chief Strategist of Fort Atelier. Tony creates holistic digital experiences that strategically emphasize the power of visual communication. When not working at Fort Atelier, Tony enjoys spending time outdoors with his wife Amy, painting large scale murals, and relaxing with his family.

Amy Elmore

Amy Elmore

Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer

Amy Elmore is co-founder and Chief Financial Officer at Fort Atelier. Amy is a professional artist who has BFA in Sculpture with an attention to detail, organization, and quality craftsmanship. When Amy is not keeping things organized, you can find her creating beautiful glowing porcelain artwork, and volunteering at the local Artists’ Guild.